Pastel cubicles, sensible heels and 30-minute lunches… gone!

You’re a solopreneur now. You have a big, bold, beautiful biz that the worlds needs. And you’re ready to jam.

At some point, though, you realize that running a business involves more than just an idea. The puffy rainbows and glittery unicorns of entrepreneurship fade into the background and the techie stuff starts to creep in. Tasks become overwhelming and paralyzing.

Setting up a website, configuring email, scheduling clients, and developing systems keep going to the bottom of your daily to-do list. The very thought of of plugins makes your eyes roll into the back of your head. You waste hours trolling the Internet, looking for tutorials and “quick and easy” ways to battle your tech beasts.

You are drowning in a sea of niggling details and don’t know where to start.

What if everything you needed could be found in one place?

What if there was someone that understood the challenges of being a solopreneur and knew that underneath all of your creative chaos is a brilliant idea that just needs a bit of organization and guidance?

What if that someone was your ally, your champion of tech?

Look no further, gorgeous. I am your Someone and this is where you need to be. Nice to finally meet you.

Know this: I get you. One billion percent.

Because I was just like you.

Yep, I haven’t always been a solopreneur superhero. Once upon a time, I woke up to a screeching alarm clock every morning and went out into the world with grey-suited people. We worked frantically to make shit happen… for our bosses.

Of course, I rocked each career move along life’s path. That’s just how I roll. When I taught English as a Foreign Language all over Europe, I realized that I was the freaking bee’s knees at breaking tricky concepts down into manageable, understandable chunks. I made it easy for others to learn.

My fab skills eventually landed me in the magical world of IT. The systems and structure and processes blew my mind. For over 10 years, I rose up the ranks and saved my employers piles of money with my ideas.

I was successful.

And I was miserable.

It was not the life I wanted. Fitting in, head down, slogging over files and spreadsheets… it was maddening. I was a bright light being snuffed out by a sea of geek drones.

I needed to be free.

So I quit. I threw off the shackles of traditional employment and realized that I could use my talents for the greater good.

I would be the organized brain for creative women everywhere.

Jenny is AMAZING. Smart, calm, collected, caring and funny. Knowing she is on your team reduces overwhelm by about 99%.

~Marianne Cantwell, bestselling author, Chief Chicken at Free Range Humans and all round top amazing human.

And Webtech Wonder Woman, my solopreneur adventure, was born.

My mission on earth is to empower humans to tackle the tech stuff that holds them back from building their awesome biz. No more hiding under the covers. It’s time to shine.

I dump the geek talk and make techie shit easy to understand and implement.

Stuff like:

  • Popping up a quick website
  • Configuring email and setting up filters
  • Setting up email marketing channels and formatting newsletters for your list

(Don’t have a list? Don’t panic. I can help with that.)

  • Delivering your new e-course
  • Accepting online payments (cheques are so 1990!)
  • Scheduling clients with the click of a button
  • Managing client projects
  • Developing systems for staying organized
  • And more…..

Lack of tech knowledge is not a barrier to running your amazing business.

You just need rock-solid, superhero support. Through my Missives of Infinite Wisdom (sign up below) and the Blog of Wonder, I make tech easy and enjoyable for Wonder Women (plus a few men, I don’t discriminate) across the globe.

PS By 800px-Transgender_Pride_flag.svgwomen, I mean ALL women. If you identify as a woman, then you are a woman. And you’re very welcome here. 

Want to work with me? Step this way and get that tech tamed!


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