Dude, business and technology are risky. And while we love using our experiences, and the experiences of countless other entrepreneurs we know, have worked with and have drank endless rounds of ciders with, business and technology are still risky. So our advice doesn’t come with any guarantees. You get that, right? Cool. Oh, and if you need professional help, consider hiring a business consultant. Preferably one with a suit and briefcase. Who won’t bore you senseless.


You agree as well that we can’t control your machine (that’s your PC, Mac, Tablet device or anything else you use to access the internet. If that’s your washing machine then SERIOUS kudos to you!). You are responsible for making sure your machine is backed up, has anti-virus protection and spyware protection. We can’t fix your computer. Take it to the laptop clinic on your high street. Those guys can help.


Any advice given out to you or on this blog is based on us taking a quick look, sans magnifying glass, as a favor–and not the usual review and analysis of all documents and factors that we would consider when working with you as a traditional paid client. That said, our advice and opinion is taken into account at your own risk, but for a proper analysis, hire a professional–preferably one with a fancy certificate on their wall. Because who doesn’t like a fancy certificate?


We love our products, and we hope you do, too. That said, sometimes we might slip up, and sometimes, errors happen. Things like pricing or merchandise descriptions get mixed up, and then we look bad. While that stinks, what’s most important to us is that you’re happy. So while we can’t guarantee that all information on the site is always 100% accurate at any given time, if you do notice a mistake? Please don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know. Since we can’t guarantee the products for your particular circumstances or purposes, we can guarantee that we’ll give you the best customer service we can to remedy the situation.

Updated March 2017

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